Lands of the Beastmen

The northernmost portion of Parmens, home to the many human tribes known as “Beastmen”.

The Beastman Nations are a primitive collection of cultures, connected by a rudimentary animal worship. It is widely considered amongst southerners that the Beastmen are no better than monsters, and many are the tales of these savage and unfriendly folk wielding shape-shifting magic and performing cannibalism.

While Beastmen are, in general, unfriendly towards southerners, some would say they hold good reason. In truth, most of the tribes hold a sacred code which dictates the rules of war, of hunting, husbandry and courtesy, but all of these rules were “broken” by southern interlopers at some point. Coupled with the stern requirements of their warrior’s culture, this has led to enmity that has survived the fall of perhaps the Beastmen’s greatest oppressors, the Empire of Izeltium, and survives to this day.

The Northerners live a quite stoic life, their lands barren and rocky, with great craggy mountain ranges, and icy storms pouring down from the Doom in the North. Additionally, most incursions into Parmens by the Death-Sorcerers of the Forbidden Land touch down in Northern Parmens, which, coupled with the humanoids, giants, and dire animals of the region, tends to even further alienate the Beastmen.

Lands of the Beastmen

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