Nine Hells

The diabolic domain within the Astral Sea wherein reside the Baatorians, known amongst mortals as “Devils”. While those fallen divinities have existed for longer than the Arena itself, there are several differing views as to how they were locked into the Nine Hells, forbidden to wander the Prime Material Plane of the Arena without magical intercession.

Some believe this feat was accomplished by the One True God and his angels in an ancient war, the same they believe cast the Demons into the Abyss. It is said that Iopeld the Shepherd negotiated with the silver-tongued Devil Mephistopheles, and that it was agreed that the Devils be cast into the Nine Hells to avoid further losses between Man and Devil.

Others believe that the sealing of those forces was even further back, during the creation of the Arena when some powerful, primordial force ejected the Demons and Devils from reality to safeguard it from dissolution.

Whatever the case, the Nine Hells remain beyond the touch of mortal men, and their inhabitants seek eternally to seduce and corrupt mortal beings in hopes of bringing all that exists under their heel. As they are known to the scholars of the Age of the Wandering Sky, the Nine Hells and their Dukes are as follows:

Avernus, the First Hell, ruled by Lord Bel, contested by too many to name.

Dis, the Second Hell, ruled by Archduke Dispater, uncontested.

Minauros, the Third Hell, ruled by Archduke Mammon, uncontested.

Phlegethos, the Fourth Hell, ruled by Duke Belial, contested by Fierna,

Stygia, the Fifth Hell, ruled by Duke Geryon, contested by Levistus.

Malebolge, the Sixth Hell, ruled by Duke Moloch, contested by the Hag Countess and Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus.

Maladomini, the Seventh Hell, ruled by Duke Baalzebul, uncontested.

Cania, the Eighth Hell, ruled by Duke Mephistopheles, uncontested.

Nessus, the Final Hell, ruled by King Scorrabydos, former realm of the Archdevil Asmodeus.

Nine Hells

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